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  2. Scape-War Community Event for July, 2020 🏳️Starting In July (First Community Event) - A monthly Event will be taking place. (If Successful) 🏳️Suggestions on events, rules, or rewards are more than welcome. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ PK Style Event. 🚩Start Day / Time ---> Sunday, July 5th, 8:00AM EST 🚩End Day / Time ---> Saturday, July 11th, 8:00AM EST 🚩Main Event Day / Time ---> Saturday, July 11th, 9:00PM EST *** Use Google or Something to Convert Your time to EST *** 🚩NO ACCOUNTS ARE TO BE MADE OR TRAINED BEFORE THE START DAY/TIME 🚩NO ACCOUNT CREATED BEFORE THE START DAY/TIME WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN - BUT YOU CAN MAKE A NEW ACCOUNT TO USE Rules --> _________________________________________________________________________________ 1) Follow ALL Scape-War Set Rules 2) Fresh Iron man Accounts ONLY 2A) Names MUST have Fighter in it followed by a Number 2B) Example : "Fighter123" 2C) PM Stitch in-game OR on Discord to be Entered 2D) PM MUST have Your Fighter Name AND Main Name 3) You have SIX DAYS to prepare (Including ALL Supplies you may need) 3A) Sunday will be the start time 3B) The Following Saturday will be the Main Event to Take Place 4) No Helping Each Other, or Using other accounts to assist you. 4A) If caught or someone reports the name(s), Anyone included will be Disqualified. (No Questions Asked, No Appeals) 5) Mboxes, Lamps, and Clue Rewards ARE Allowed 5A) Donating for Items will NOT be Allowed (Participants voted this rule out) 6) No Toxic Behavior will be allowed, If Anyone is caught flaming, raging, cussing out others player, etc. - You will be Disqualified. 7) IF Less than 10 Players Join, The event will be Changed Accordingly 7A) Rewards Will be Cut in Half 7B) Prep Time will be Cut in Half, However, Main event will Still be on Saturday. (Players logged into their fighting accounts before event will be Disqualified) 😎 IF You have ANY Questions, Concerns, or Suggestions - Feel free to PM Stitch in-game OR on Discord 9) You CAN Make your Account, that way No one takes Your name - BUT You MUST Log out After Creating it. (Don't Forget to make it an IRON MAN) Main Event ---> _______________________________________________________________________________ 1) I Will be Making a Bracket, Where Players will be Randomly Chosen to Fight 2) Winner Will Move on, Loser will be Given the their Prize Accordingly 3) Accounts are to Stay Logged Out Until Their Main is PM'd 4) Winners will be Allowed to Re-Stock Supplies or Re-Gear (Then must log Out) 5) Only ONE fight will be held at a time to Reduce Confusion. 6) One Round Elimination. 7) Players and Locations of the fight will be give to each player who is up to fight. 7A) After the pm is Sent, you will have up to 5 Minutes to get to the location, that way Anyone who is AFK will lose their Chance. Rewards --> _____________________________________________________________________________ 1) First Place Prize will be 1B GP 2) Second Place will be 500M GP 3) Third Place will be 250M GP 4) ALL Other Players will be given either 10M GP _______________________________________________________________________ Players Joining So Far (Main Names will only be Placed if given Permission) Fighter1 --- J O H N (Permission Given) Fighter0 --- (Permission not Given) Fighter29102018 --- Ru55e11 (Permission Given) Fighter 1 --- (Permission not Given) Fighter 626 --- (Permission not Given)
  3. Arctic Wolf

    Hello! Let me make a proper introduction I am 26 years old, my real name is Silas most people call me "Si" and I am from the USA which I know isn't very impressive but hey what can you do about it? I really enjoy playing private servers that deserve more recognition because those bigger server are just boring and generic and aren't very exciting but with this server you can really meet people and get to know them on a personal level and I really enjoy that. However, with all of that being said I do enjoy playing other games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and most first person shooters since they have always been there for me but Halo will always have a special place in my heart. Now, You're probably wondering what I do for a living and even if you're not I'm going to tell you anyway because it shows who I am but enough rambling I am a Physicians Assistant and my local emergency room and as a side job I build and repair computer because it's my passion. Honestly, now that I think about it I have a lot of hobbies and a couple of them are Streaming, Coding, and gaming (I stream on twitch and I have a streaming website). I have also been staff of multiple old private servers and even owned a couple and been a co-owner on zamorak. I am happy to be a part of the scape-wars community and hope to have a wonderful time meeting you guys and making memories with you!
  4. Eberkroan

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  6. drunk evan

    Great update!!👍
  7. Great update 👍
  8. Username: Durial 321 Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Any outstanding infractions on your account?: No infractions on my account. Shocker right? considering falador is mine! How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: i can be on 10+ hours a day from my timezone but starting july 1st i will be busy every wednesday due to wrestling training irl Any past experiences?: yes, i've had previous experience starting as a staff support earning my way up through the ranks from server support to mod to admin always avaible to help people out and not logging off until another staff member gets on just incase a new player joins. Do you have Skype?: i don't but i can make one. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: strongest trait? i love to help people out always putting them first to make sure they're happy with there game play and enjoy there time on the server. Weakness: weakness? in the past i've let peoples thoughts get to me due to me battling anxiety irl in the past i've had to battle it on a few different occasions. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: Why would i be a good asset to the staff team at Scape war? always avaible to help anyone, different time zone for the staff members like i could be asleep and you would be on or you could be asleep and i will be on. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1: Respect , 2: Helping out , 3: Be Kind to everyone , 4: Being humble having a ego doesn't help anyone , 5: Loyality as in if you get staff don't run off to another server then never coming back on scape for example. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: what do i hope to achieve in the long run? that's simple it's to help steven out and hope to keep scape war safe and fun for the current and future to all new players coming to join or old players returning. Extra information: Extra information ? i'm 29 yrs old my irl name is Steve also . Shocking right? myself and the scape war owner share the same real name haha and i'm a referee / wrestler irl but due to the bs going on outside in the world i haven't been able to work which i miss the wrestling ring so much! haha. Yes Durial 321 is my in game name i play the character time to time just to have a goof around on the server but i still will help players out if they need help with anyone like where do i train this how do i vote what do i get for donating . besides the referee/wrestler i do love to cosplay from time to time and hoping to bring more outfits into my cupboard in the future as cosplaying might look cheap but it's very expensive hunting down all the right parts so you can make your outfit look good. anyway i don't want to write out a novel here to keep you all reading for a while like them harry potter books. just remember Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. and the most important rule of them all. STAY OUT OF FALADOR IT IS MINE! (joking) haha Sincerely - Durial 321
  9. Steven

  10. Stitch

    Good updates, Glad to see the weeklies are continuing. Can't wait to see what's next.
  11. Steven

    SERVER UPDATES Fixed the West room at Cerberus. Changed adamant scimitar stats requirements from 1 to 30 attack level. Fixed the bug when players equipped pickaxe was ignored due better pickaxe in inventory. Fixed the stairs on bottom floor of the Slayer Tower. Fixed 3rd age pickaxe animation. Community Manager rank does not have unlimited special attack anymore. The "Recent Listings" button in the GE is not delayed anymore. Changed the crafting teleport to the Crafting Guild. Added the cash reward to 1M gp per Pest Control game. During the 30 mins of 1.5x Pest Control points event the reward is increased to 2-5m gp per game. Coins received from slayer tasks (normal monsters, NOT boss tasks) are 5x the normal amount. Updated the slayer helm (i): - added 15% range and mage bonus. Cooking gauntlets provide a 2.5% cooking exp boost when worn. Increased the price for cooking gauntlets in prestige shop to 9 points. Fixed the bug when player actions continued after clicking on NPC. Fixed the Retribution and Redemption prayers. Fixed the Zuk pet. Players are allowed to sell back items to Achievement shop for half of buy price. Fixed problem that server won't accept new clients if it's reconnecting to database for some reason. Update prepared statements on reconnect. Player Save Service that takes failed player saves from queue and processes them. Log action logs to file if MySQL is down. Thanks, - Steven
  12. Escanor

    Not if you can't catch me fam .. try me
  13. Durial 321

    Hi you mouth breathing miscrients it is me the fearful durial 321 the one you all fear from pking that random noob with a green party hat. as the title says STAY OUT OF FALADOR or you will all suffer the same fate as that poor fortunate soul hahahahahaha. that other company with a J thinking they could stop me from playing a game? foolish nerds tons of way around it. no but on a serious note i'm not really him but i will be portaying him how he acts etc on the game 🙂 so please don't take anything to heart if we run into each other in the game.
  14. Stitch

    Good, Quality updates so far. Glad to see changes happening for the better. Excited to see what the future updates hold.
  15. drunk evan

    thanks for the fixes!!
  16. HerpesFree

    Another week, another great update! Thanks for addressing the POS and adding more trivia questions. Very much appreciated. Looking forward to next week! Thanks again, Daniel
  17. Steven

    SERVER UPDATES Fixed "Abyssal tentacle" protecting over alot of items for example. zenyte items/ags/toxic staff of dead/armadyl crossbow. Fixed the client fullscreen for MAC OS. Fixed Zul-andra teleport (allowed to spawn multiple Zulrah instances). Fixed POS history action not opening the window. Added a Grand Exchange Clerk to the ::dzone. Added "Quickprayer" detector if you disable prayers manually. Fixed the situation when you disabled prayers manually while they were activated by clicking Quickprayer icon- the system thought that the quickprayers were on. Fixed the Quick prayer sprite icon not changing when enabling/disabling it. Added use of Certain ladders, staircases, trapdoors. It gives players a chance to escape from pkers. Added Lava Dragons jump over obstacle (shortcut) that requires 74 agility. Added wilderness warning in teleport inferface for Lava Dragons. Fixed the bug with teleport payments when player received message "not enough coins" but still got teleported and was not charged. Added message if payment succeed. Added announcements message about ::trivia usage, upon login show trivia question if it's active. Added more Trivia questions. Added a "Price Guide" button to the GE person since not everyone knows to check ::pc for pricing guidance. Thanks, - Steven
  18. drunk evan

    Great! Keep up the good work
  19. I brid v2

    Nice updates en bug fixes keep going m8
  20. Good job! Good to see the game being updated and bugs being fixed. 👌🏼 Scape-war = Best server!
  21. Stitch

    Won’t be able to enjoy these updates, or edit my list for two weeks but glad to hear everything is going good. Keep up the great work Steven and mysterious stranger.
  22. frank95cr

    Thanks for all the hard effort and time used for all these awesome updates 😁
  23. HerpesFree

    Nicely done! Thanks for the constant and consistent updates. Looking forward to everything coming out weekly!
  24. Steven

    SERVER UPDATES Added ironman logos to the clan chat. Added client confirmation on close. Added bank to Shilo Village and fixed the entering. Also Added working furnace to Shilo Village. Magic barrage multidamage autocast is now fixed. Fixed the Revenants pillars, where people could abuse the bug not to get killed. Also added animation of teleport. Added each obstacle use delay in wilderness. Potions that boost magic allow us now to use higher spells. Fixed the infernal pickaxe not giving smithing xp on runite ores. Fixed the bug that you could spam fishing. Fixed the fishing animations that now showing every time. Fixed the Inferno minigame pillars. Pillars are useful now. Mobs and player can not attack through it. Added pillar death animation. Added wave completion message. Added dialogue at last boss level. Jal Nib's are attacking pillars and ignoring player hits if pillars are alive, also they are switching to another pillar on kill. Monsters are now always following player. Pillars and mobs are disappearing in last wave. Also fixed the boss not spawning issue. Fixed the inferno save/load issue and pillars hitpoints. Changed the rune packs opening delay. Fixed the auto-retaliate. Kodai wand does not require water runes anymore. Dwarf Cannon Set is now unpackable. Also Improved the cannon setup check. Player can build cannon automatically with animations instead of adding components on cannon object. Cannon is placed not under player anymore. If player interacts with other player cannon, he will get message about ownership. Each 30 minutes cannon stops. If player is near cannon, he has 10 minutes to re-enable it. Otherwise it will despawn. Also optimised projectile delay and limited firing distance. Cannons cannot take place near each other anymore. Added PlayerRights enum for easier adding new ranks and assigning icons to them. Added Youtube rank and icon. Thanks, - Steven
  25. frank95cr

    Awesome guide for newcomers 🙂
  26. I brid v2

    Gl on that stitch haha i gonna test them out later seems nice updates . Gr brid
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