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Updates 25/08/2017

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Server Updates

  1. Shop selling prices are now correctly displayed.
  2. Added thieving stalls to dzone which give gold only.
  3. Added Zenyte jewellery (creation, drops).
  4. Update jewellery making interface.
  5. Added some new items into donator shops.
  6. Added Lvl-7 enchant to magic spellbook.
  7. Added latest OSRS data (raids, skotizo, inferno, elder maul etc).
  8. Added shift-click drop.
  9. You can no longer send :tradereq: and :chalreq: in yell.



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Very nice updates, donator shop 3 could use an update , there seems to be a mix up with the zenyte jewellery. 


EDIT: -----------------------------------

So i just checked the donator shop 3, seems that someone un noted the second amulet of torture, so now there is two Amulet of tortures in donator shop 3, I think where the Noted amulet of torture is in the screenshot above there is meant to be a " Tormented Bracelet "


Here are the items that should be in the shop https://gyazo.com/905d5a7b623f992291335cd2edea2b75

Vs what is in the shop https://gyazo.com/fd7a903c1a502ad0eb983d2eb9449550

2 Separate Torture amulets... 

Also, the Lime whip is currently a herb? X.D https://gyazo.com/ba6725f69c9bc20997001ad1830291af

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