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Alot of updates

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  • Fixed Water altar.
  • Added 3rd age axe & pickaxe.
  • Added lots of new outfits to Donator shop.
  • Added Bloodhound pet.
  • Corrected antipoison immunity time.
  • Added superantipoison, antidote+ & antidote++.
  • Corrected Ava's accumulator's & other attracting items chance of arrow saving.
  • Added all Charge Orb spells & Orb charging feature.
  • You can now create battlestaves by using the corresponding orb on it.
  • Added rune packs to Magic shop.
  • Removed 5m gold requirement from Vorkath teleport.
  • Added Cerberus & TzTok-Jad to boss tasks.
  • Fixed Venenatis hitpoints (255).
  • You can now eat food & drink pots in the same game tick.
  • Added Infernal max cape & hood (Can be created using Infernal cape on a Max cape).
  • image.png.18d44316237aee6b925099e6422a36
  • Fixed Grim reaper hood.
  • Added Ring of wealth (i) (Scroll in bh store).
  • Added Jad pet (1/100 when sacrificing & 1/50 when defeating Jad on slayer task).
  • image.png.04f04d60eff4bc68f65a3032245792
  • Added all coloured slayer helmets.
  • Added Scythe of Vitur (L) & Twisted bow (L) - Lime recolors!
  • image.png.bad519aa72926e30d0eadd9654bfde
  • Added bank placeholders.
  • Revenant weapons now degrade properly.
  • Fixed Investor rank benefits.
  • You can no longer ::bank in the wilderness.
  • Fixed wilderness obelisk teleports.
  • Fixed a bug with pest rewards.
  • Viggora's chainmace is no longer two handed.
  • You can now eat Spinach rolls.
  • Added Viggora's chainmace & Thammaron's sceptre functionality.
  • Fixed rev item's accuracy & damage bonuses.
  • Changed the max amount of revenant ether storage from 16k to 17k.
  • Fixed a Mystery box dupe.
  • Fixed obelisk pillar animations.
  • Fixed obelisk teleport end freeze.
  • Fixed Blowpipe displaying arrow projectiles.
  • Fixed Amulet of glory teleport requirements.
  • Fixed a welcome screen crash.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes turned you invisible after teleporting.
  • Added Ring of Nature, Ring of Coins & Ring of Stone functionality.
  • Fixed Hitpoints skill guide's header text.
  • Fixed platinum tokens.
  • Fixed loads of item values (Kept on death).
  • Corrected Abyssal bludgeon's spec effect & increased damage.
  • Added skilling pets.
  • Shops can now contain more items and display a scrollbar.
  • Fixed projectile offsets such as Kraken etc.
  • Added Vorkath boss.
  • Fixed an issue with players stuck in clan chats.
  • Added an interface for Mystery box.
  • Fixed a bug with Pest control where a single game would last forever (Players unable to join).
  • Added Ava's assembler to Vote shop & Vorkath's drop table.
  • Corrected arrow attracting equipment chances of arrow retrieval.
  • Organized Slayer shop & changed a few prices.
  • New items added:
  • - Justiciar armor
  • - Sanguinesti staff
  • - Guardian boots
  • - Scythe of Vitur
  • - Imbued god capes (Same way to obtain)
  • Fixed a bug with dialogue options were players were able to click them multiple times.
  • Added 2 variants of Dwarven rock cake:
  • - Light one sets your hp to 1.
  • - Dark one decrements your hp by 1.
  • Added Magic shortbow scroll & Dwarven rock cake (light) to vote shop.
  • Added Dwarven rock cake (dark) to the Resource Shop in Donator Zone.
  • Fixed Wilderness teleports & Added Mage arena shop.
  • Fixed a bug where there was no delay for certain consumables.
  • Added Light & Dark infinity color kits (Kits are non refundable).
  • Added Rune pouch.
  • Added Craw's bow with full functionality.
  • Made firemaking a bit smoother.
  • Fixed the max capes which were unable to be worn.

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