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A few ideas

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Firstly i think you should add in some sort of reward for hitting prestige 10 in a skill like 99 prayer unlimited prayer points in pvm or slayer x2 lucky drop when pres 10

Second you should look into bringing nex items into the game :) even though they arent 07 but maybe theres a way to get them in

Third maybe look into bring in cape enhancements which would be cool or maybe a 120 cape at prestige 10 with privileges

and lastly maybe bring in a luck drop chart for items so we can see what the drop rates are because im not sure if you have as the same as 07

Cheers Sora :)   

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Idk abt the unlimited pray points but some sort of boost or so it doesnt go,down as fast would be awsome other then that i like the,suggestions sora :) and loved the stream!

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Hey Sora :) 


Thanks for the suggestion! Previously it was discussed about adding special skillcapes with special skill-related bonuses for max prestige. I think it would be very cool to see something like that implemented, plus it would encourage more people to prestige and ramp up competition on the hi scores page! 

Cheers :D +1



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