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gambling suggestions+afk place

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I got some suggestions about gambling add mith seeds and a place for gambling like varrouk grand exchange can be da place for gambling its wide and useful instead of not using it in dis time u can use it for gambling. or u can use varrouk palace it can be a great place for gambling 2 so think about it and 2 dice bags ingame only? are they perm dice bags like they never disappear u can make new dice bag that can be used 10 times like I said try thinking about mith seeds they can be used for gambling 2 and u can add a chillzone for plp that are going to be afk or for giveaway and making videos thanks for reading.    595e1a6027ef6_gamblingplace2.PNG.e334745002e0a0137d8039c8d7f5e0f9.PNG

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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