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Zulrah's Guide.

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Hey guys Hope you all doing great.

Had some time so figured out to help you out by making a Zulrah guide.

Lets get started.

First I will tell you about Zulrah.

Zulrah is found in Boss Teleports --> Last page --> Zulrah.

Zulrah has 3 formations. 1) Range , 2) Mage , 3) Melee.


The Green Color Represents Range , Red = Melee , Blue = Mage (most dangerous xD)

Ok so guys there are "Snakelings" which are GREEN but smaller in size and have 1 HP.


Dont take them too easy because they also Damage.

When Zulrah Dives into the swamp , it means that he is changing his state , E.G : From RANGE TO MAGE or W.E.

Make sure you Pray Melee when he appears RED , Range when he appears GREEN , Mage when he appears BLUE.

Zulrah Loots:

Zulrah drops the following:

* Zulrah Scales , sold for approximately 3k or so. (100% drop)

* Magic Logs (Drops sometimes)

* Snakelings drop cash like 100k (Some drops not all)

And more random loots.

Hope you guys enjoyed the guide and it helped you :)


Please comment what you think about it and let me improve next time!
Also comment what guide should be next

Best Regards:



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The base of this guide is good however,


  • What gear should we wear? (best combat style to use?)
  • Inventory set up
  • More detailed drop guide would be nice too

All in all not a bad start for the fight mechanics but I feel its not us much of a guide more of run through on the mechanics.

Thanks for the contribution though!

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