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Appeal Format (Read Before Posting)

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Appeal format.

Punishment reason (if applicable):
Punishment type:
Additional information:



  • Any fraud appeals will result in a punishment.
  • If your appeal has been declined you must wait 12 hours to post another unless a staff member tells you otherwise.
  • Making more than one appeal will result in an auto decline on your appeal.
  • Lying will result in an auto decline on your appeal.
  • Be polite, being rude on your appeal is the perfect way to go about not getting your punishment resolved!
  • You are not allowed to ask staff members to view your appeal, patiently wait for your appeal to be reviewed.
  • You are responsible for all offenses on your account. Do not blame your mother, brother, dog or fish.
  • You must supply enough information or your appeal will be automatically declined.
  • If you were IP banned or IP muted, you must name the exact account you were punished on.






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