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[Locked] Updates 23/04/2017

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Server Updates

  1. Tanzanite helms now provide poison immunity and can now be charged.
  2. Added dice bag.
  3. Added Lunars magic interface back.
  4. Fixed Toktz-Ket-Xil equipment slot.
  5. Fixed Primordial boots requirements.
  6. Added Lime whip.
  7. Fixed some punishment commands. (Now work offline)
  8. All npc's now drop noted bars.
  9. Furnace in resource area now works.
  10. Fixed Druid's circle clue.
  11. The bankers in donator zone now have a "Bank" option.
  12. Ironman players no longer receive pvp drops.


Development Team

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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