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Rules For Staff

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Here at Scape-War, staff are the face of the server; they represent what every player should strive to be.  Staff members must always abide by certain rules.

  • Act like a staff member
    • Staff members are held to higher expectations than normal players, as they are the ones who represent the server; they must act professional at all times and not let anyone 'get under their skin'.  Recall that the ignore list exists for a reason.
  • Punishment is a last resort
    • Staff members are given special privileges that regular players lack.  Remember that these are privileges, and can be taken away at any time.  If a staff member acts inappropriately towards anyone else or abuses their power, they will be reprimanded by staff with a higher rank.
  • Be helpful
    • Your primary job as an Scape-War staff member is to help our (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server.  Do not ignore any player who asks for help, even if you dislike them.
  • Regarding the Support rank
    • The Support rank exists mainly to help (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server.  They are currently allowed to mute other players, however this should only be used in the event of someone spamming/advertising on Scape-War.  However, an exception can be made if two players are arguing in public/clan chat and they have been warned at least twice (first warning, final warning, mute).
  • Regarding activity
    • All staff members are required to be active within both the game and forums. If you are going to be offline longer than 4 days you will have to post and inactivity thread in the staff discussion section of the forums.
  • Punishment logs
    • Punishment logs must be filled in once a punishment has been carried out. This is the only way other members of the staff team can track who is supposed to be punished and why. If punishment logs aren’t filled in and it is found someone has been punished actions will be taken against the staff member.
  • Afking
    • I would also ask that all staff members log out when they are not playing the game as if you aren’t afk and someone is pming you without a reply it may relay the wrong message.
  • Communication
    • It is important that staff members are easy to contact. I would ask that you each check your forum mail box at least once per day. It would also be highly beneficial to have a microphone for staff meetings etc.

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Hello everyone,
I thought it would be prudent to update the staff rules and responsibilities. Please read this in conjunction with the list previously updated by Steven.
Staff is prohibited from using their commands to unfairly teleport themselves/others out of the wild when attacked/teleblocked by pkers
Staff members are prohibited from jailing or teleporting players that interrupt others while fighting bosses (i.e., crashing others)
Staff members are prevented from using the ::alts commands (check players alternative accounts) except in the following instances:
Reviewing new accounts
Checking for instances of multiple logins in the wild
Checking for violations of the multi-bossing rule
Contacting players to settle disputes/provide resolutions
In addition, staff members are prevented from revealing a player’s alternative accounts without prior permission
While actively playing their alternative accounts, Staff members are required to be logged into their main (Staff) account as well
Instances of Staff abusing powers should be reported to the Administrator (“HerpesFree”) or Community Manager (“I Brid V2”) with supporting evidence
It is, first and foremost, the responsibility of Support staff to welcome new players to the game; if Support is unavailable, this responsibility is shifted to Moderators, unless the Owner (“Steven”), Community Manager (“I Brid V2”), or Administrator (“HerpesFree”) have time (in which case new players will be teleported to them)
Staff members will keep a running tally of new players so they may receive their welcoming gift

I Brid V2 , Herpesfree

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