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Rules For Players

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1) No offensive language

You may not insult a person or a group of people, whether this be in-game, on the forums or outside Scape-War. This applies to both public and private conversations. A warning will first be issued before a temporary mute. If this persists, a permanent mute will be applied to all accounts.


2) No scamming or luring

You may not deceive a person in order to steal their items or abuse their trust through lies or false promises. If a person is found to scam an item from another person, they will get banned. Scams are always discovered through our extensive logging system, so don't even try. Luring is the act of making other people enter the wilderness, with the other party not being aware that they are at risk of losing their items when doing so. This is not allowed. In addition, no player shall at anytime attempt to collect money and/or items from another player in exchange for offers of "protection" in the wilderness. This fosters too much potential for negative outcomes, and creates a culture where individuals who are attempting to use the wilderness for innocent purposes such as skilling feel forced to give their items in order to not be hunted, and this is not the case. This will be treated in the same manner as luring. 

Regarding the duel arena, a player who actively scams another player in the duel arena will be sanctioned, provided there is valid evidence. Make sure you are aware of the staking criteria and are comfortable staking your wealth. Exceptions where this will be voided are "Giveback" situations. This is where one party has either disconnected or has been affected by latency issues. This will also require valid evidence since this is something a player should be aware of before staking. If a player force logs themselves in order to try and use the "Giveback" notion, their account will be banned for scamming.


3) No hacking

Nobody is allowed to access accounts without the authorization of the account holder, except administrators or staff members who have been authorized to do so by an administrator. Just like scamming, hacking an account is always discovered through our logs so it's pointless to try. Players who hacked an account will get banned.


4) No bug abuse or exploitation

It is forbidden to make use of a bug or glitch within the game to get free items or gain an advantage over other players. Any bugs must be reported to the staff team, you may even receive a reward for reporting it if it's an important bug. Same as scamming and hacking, because of our logs there is no point in trying to abuse a bug. Players will get a warning if they abuse a bug. If they fail to cooperate, they may receive a ban.
This includes receiving or giving payment to an individual so as to obtain free PK kills in the wilderness for blood money. 
5) No spam or disruptive content:
Pointless messages are not allowed on the forums or the yell channel. However, messages that most others find funny and aren't disrespectful are allowed. Disrupting one of the public chats or yell by quickly and repeatedly typing a message is also not allowed. Posting vulgar, offensive or sexual pictures on the forums counts as 'disruptive content' and may result in severe punishment. Double posting on the forums may be considered spam unless you had a good reason to bump up a thread. You're not allowed to yell about fake giveaways that would entice players to spam Private Message players or staff in-game.
6) No advertisement:
It is forbidden to advertise a website, product or RuneScape Private Server, both in-game and on the forums, unless you have received authorization from an administrator to do so. The administrator must have publicly posted his approval on the forums in order to prove you have been authorized to advertise. It is however allowed to publicly talk about common websites (youtube, twitter, reddit, twitch.tv, facebook, etc.) without prior approval, as long as it doesn't violate any other rules.
7) No botting:
Players caught using a bot, autoclicker or macro tool will be banned on sight. Using a modified client will also get you flagged as a bot. Gaining XP or items while being AFK falls under the same punishment. When your account is performing a task, you must always be present to respond to random events or when a staff member reaches out to you.
8) No real world trading:
It is forbidden to trade Scape-War items or accounts outside the game. It is also forbidden to trade other items or accounts from other sites on Scape-War. It is, however, allowed to trade in-game items for services you provide to others on the forums.
9) No negative and harmful behavior:
It is not allowed to continually post, chat, or yell negative and non-constructive criticism, spread hatred, harass, or continually argue with others. We understand everyone has a bad day from time to time, but players who continually display negative behavior may receive a punishment or even be permanently removed from the community.
10) No player or staff impersonation:
You may not pretend to be another real person or pretend to be related to another person if this is not true.
11) Obey staff members:
When a staff member tells you to do something, or to stop doing something, you must abide. If you believe you are being wrongfully treated by a staff member, then report this on the forums in the report a staff member section. However, if it turns out that the staff member was in their right, an additional punishment may be issued.
12) Giving away mass wealth:
Giving away mass wealth in instances such as "drop parties" and trading will not be acceptable. This is because this causes a large economy shift which will ultimately change prices. Mass giveaways are normally considered anything above 500 million GP or ITEMS. If you are enticed to do a mass giveaway, please notify a member of staff so they are able to assess the situation.
13) Using Alternate accounts (Alts):
The following circumstances are where alternate accounts can't be used. If a player is using multiple accounts to attack the same boss monster then that will be counted as an offense. If a player is using multiple accounts in the Wilderness for whatever reason, the player will get both accounts banned depending on the severity of the infraction. Players are allowed to use multiple accounts during mini-games and skilling.
Keep in mind that multi-logging to skill for the sole purpose of farming mystery box's and lamps is a punishable offense, as this can cause shift in the game's economy.
14) Account sharing:

It is illegal to share accounts with ANYONE this includes if you have the account holders permission to use the account. The reason this is being implemented is to avoid foul play within the wilderness or problems including transferring items that aren’t wanted to be given away and training stats that don’t want to be trained. It is also difficult for us to track account usage for security when more than one person has access to the account. We have full access to login logs so will be able to track this very easily, don't think you'll get away with it.

If you are a staff member and would like to read up on your responsibilities and obligations please click here!
Breaking a rule may result in either a warning or a punishment. Punishments vary according to the nature of the offense. Repeat offenders will receive more severe punishments than people who haven't committed offenses before.
Worst punishment:
(IP-ban and permanent removal from the community)
  • DDoS attacks
  • Serious death threats
  • Mass hacking
  • Mass scamming
  • Mass botting
  • Attempting to shut down Scape-War
  • Advertisement
  • Continual negative and harmful attitude
  • Repeatedly committing offenses listed below


Severe punishment:

(IP-mute, account ban or severe jail)

  • Hacking
  • Scamming
  • Racism
  • Posting disruptive content
  • Threatening to DDoS
  • Real world trading
  • Botting
  • Bug abuse
  • Impersonation
  • Refusing to cooperate with staff
  • Negative and harmful attitude
  • Repeatedly committing offenses listed below


Mild punishment:

(Mute or minor jail)

  • Offensive language (flaming, baiting, insulting, hatred, …)
  • Trolling
  • Repeatedly committing offences listed below


Minor punishment:
(Temporary mute)
  • Spam
  • Luring
  • Negative attitude
  • Vulgar language
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