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Wintertodt, Loyalty System, Bitcoin Mining & More!

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The Wintertodt is a minigame-style boss that is fought using skills rather than combat. Players must assist
pyromancers , a special group of Arceuus mages, to keep the Wintertodt at bay. As servants of the sacred
flame, only they know the spells required to subdue the Wintertodt, so they are heavily relied upon in the
defence of Great Kourend. While their magical abilities are extraordinary, their skills in other areas are
limited, and thus require assistance from skilled adventurers. In order to help subdue the Wintertodt,
you are required to have at least level 50 in  Firemaking.

Wintertodt has been implemented with full functionality and custom rewards.
Teleport is available from Minigames teleport -> Wintertodt


Loyalty System

Loyal players are finally getting rewarded. You can claim rewards each day and a bonus reward
will be awarded for claiming a whole week of Loyalty rewards. Loyalty rewards are subject to change
at any given time, but usually not more than once a month.


Home Map Update

The obsolete Doris' house at home has been demolished.
Instead, we have used this area for the house portal & the surrounding npcs.



Bitcoin Mining Event

Yes, you heard that right. You can now mine bitcoin straight into your in-game BTC wallet.
A bitcoin rock is periodically spawned at Edgeville. Mining reward is dependant on your pickaxe
and Mining prestige level.


$100 Mystery Box

A brand new Mystery box has been added with all of the customs
that many have dreamed about!


Vote Shop Update

New items have arrived at the Vote shop. You can now vote for lamps,
Herb box, Scratch card, Bonecrusher and a Fire cape!



Fixes & Misc:

  • Fixed some of the bugs with HD rendering.
  • You can now use bones on altar at home for double the experience.
  • Lots of the server's code has been revamped and new content systems have been implemented. These systems allow for faster content development.

Development Team

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