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Christmas Event, Larran's Chest & Bug fixes

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🎅🎅🎅Christmas Event

A wandering Santa has arrived at the home of Scape-War.
Why is he wearing a Fire cape and what is he up to?


Larran's Chest

Larran's key & chest has been added. It's located in Level 55 wilderness.
Larran's keys are dropped in the wilderness by slayer monsters on a task assigned by Krystilia.

(Warning: A global message appears once someone opens the chest).

Notable chest rewards:

100M Coins
5x Scratch cards
Black mushroom
Experience boost lamp
Double drop lamp

Tweaks, Fixes and Misc:

  • Added Archaic emblem drops for Krystilia's assignments.
  • Crystal key drops are now banked when Collector's necklace is equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where items such as the drop and experience lamps stop working.
  • Chaos elemental no longer teleports you that often.
  • Crystal key drops are now doubled when the drop boost is active.
  • Devil cape's price has been increased in Slayer shop.
  • Most ladders should now work such as the Edgeville dungeon one.
  • Vet'ion slayer task has been temporarily disabled.
  • Scorpia's offspring no longer counts towards Scorpia's task.
  • Added Chaos druids to Edgeville dungeon.
  • Added a few utility commands for staff to move stuck players.
  • Fixed Dragon boots drop rate.
  • Fixed Great Olm task.
  • Added a dialogue for Master Crafter in crafting guild.
  • Fixed spell highlighting in spellbook with Rune pouch & Kodai wand.
  • Random events no longer appear whilst afking at barrels.
  • Fixed a bug where textures would look odd on some npcs.

Development Team

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