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Slayer rework, NEW Customs & Fixes!

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Slayer Rework

- Added wilderness slayer (Krystilia).
- Fixed the issue where players couldn't always get assignments.
- All slayer masters now use the same dialogue.
- Rewritten slayer dialogues.
- You can now set co-op partners/reset task across all slayer masters.
- Nieve is now available in Edgeville (Free!)
- Added task streaks with bonus points.

Wilderness and regular slayer streaks are separated. Resetting a task won't cause
you to lose streak on the other one.

Streak rewards:

                                         Nieve                                          Krystilia
pilt.png  pilt.png  pilt.png

Donator Bonus
(Added to base points):

Standard: +1
Super: +2
Vip: +3
Investor: +4


NEW Customs

Werewolf claws
These are the best claws in the game.
They use the Dragon claws special attack yet it's much more powerful.
(Available as a drop from Great olm & Lava dragons.)



Bandos cape
Grants free entrance into the Bandos room and offers 5x Infernal cape stats.
(Available as a drop from General graardor.)




Tweaks, Fixes and Misc:

  • Content system improved by adding object & npc listeners.
  • Added ::deals command.
  • Fixed an issue with Great olm han animations.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double drop lamp would be discarded on logout.
  • Fixed a bug where Great olm was unattackable after killing the hands.
  • Fixed Fiery/Dark bow dc when running out of ammo.
  • Raid rewards are now doubled when the drop boost is active.
  • Fixed player dialogue heads.
  • Magic axes added north of Resource area.
  • Skeletons added to Edgeville wilderness mine.
  • Ankous, Ghosts, Skeletons and Zombies added to Forgotten Cemetery.
  • Experience & Drop rate boost lamps now available from Slayer shop.

Development Team

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