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New Updated Zulrah Guide 2021

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Hey guys ive noticed a few of these guides are probs outdated by abit or theyre just not done properly. ive seen theres already a zulrah guide on here but doesnt really give you much in terms of what to bring, inventory and other things.

Armour ranges for me in 2 ways, we have the starter armour which i would say is the lowest possible armour for you to use this is what im basing this guide off as if you can do with this armour you'll be set for the higher tier armours.



Archers Helmet - Can be bought from the Range Armour shop at home

Black dragon hide armour - Can be bought from the Range Armour shop at home

Amulet of glory - Can be bought from the Supply shop at home.

Snakeskin Boots - Can be bought from the Range Armour shop at home

Accumulators - Can be bought from Range Armour shop at home.

Rune/ Adamant Arrows - Can be bought from the Range Weapons shop at home

Ring of wealth - (Optional) Can be bought from Players - Helps increase loot drop chances

Fiery Bow - Can be given as a Starter bow OR Bought from Range weapon shop for FREE


Total cost of all these items comes to around: 179k GP - Rune arrows are 400gp each/ Adamant are 80gp each so make of what you will with them.


My inventory consists of purely food and prayer/ Restore potions. Ive done up to 3-4 runs of zulrah with one inventory using the gear mentioned above so shouldnt have any issues. this gear you can buy from the Supply Shop at home aswell so easy to get ahold of.


The Zulrah lair:

When you first teleport into the lair you want to pray Range INSTANTLY he will spawn in the middle so run to the red square whilst you have range protect on and just zoom out asfar as you can and face north so you can see all points, Zulrah will only spawn in 3 areas marked in Green circles. Kill the snakelings as theyre one shot and some will get stuck where the purple marker is dont worry about them and keep your tabs on prayer. eat every so often and just switch whenever he dips down.



Prayer Strategies:

Zulrah (serpentine).png - Protect from RANGE

Zulrah (magma).png - Protect from MELEE

Zulrah (tanzanite).png - Protect from MAGIC


Range and Magic varients WILL hit hard if not prayed against. Melee wont hit you so is a safe spot to hit hard on zulrah and replenish any health/ Prayer you have.

Using the equiptment above i've killed it in less than a minute which is 2 variant switches of zulrah they're all random.



Hope this helps abit if theres anything ive forgotten or you guys need to know ill happily update the guide

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