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My suggestions for the server

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Hello, thank you for your time on reading my post. I am going to be talking about suggestions and fixing pertaining to barrows (bosses) and npc shops. I have more suggestions but can't think of what they are right now I'll edit this topic when I remember what they are. My first suggestion is for barrows brothers deaths. Currently we are having to wait until the boss disappears before the kill actually counts towards our barrows run. If you climb up the stairs before the brother disappears then you won't get the kill and you will need to go back into the tunnel and fight him again. This is quite annoying to people that play oldschool runescape, or osrs for short, and frequently kill the brothers for rewards. In osrs the kill counts as soon as the npc drops to 0 hp implementing the same thing here would remove the need to have to kill the brother multiple times due to the kill not counting. My second suggestion is also about barrows and is more of a broken mechanic then a suggestion. The verac's brother has a special ability from his set bonus which gives a 25% chance of hitting through armor and prayer as shown in the picture below. Currently in game the verac's brother hits through prayer it seems every time and I've honestly never seen it hit a 0 on me I'm not sure if that's bad luck or if doesn't have a 0 hit damage on its attack damage random number generator. The third suggestion is for npc shops and that currently you can only buy a max of 500 of one item at a time. If you are wanting to buy bulk runes like I did it took me quite of time in order to buy them. In total I spent maybe 15 minutes buying 5k barrage casts. A fix to this is to either remove or adjust the max you can buy or to add another buy button which allows you to buy 100 at a time or 500 at a time or even if you do keep the cap at 500 add another button in which is set by the previous amount you bought from with x.





Edit: I remembered another bug fix and that is rune darts currently rapid attack style is not increasing the attack speed of the darts. Rune darts are the only one I tested you should check them all.

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