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Name: Wessel

Username: M1llz

Age: 22

Where are you from?: The Netherlands

Timezone: UTC +1

Ingame Time with picture:  1569073260_hours27-11-18.png.18b6eba051536c1e0971f72c90076b50.png

Time playing everyday?: between 2 to 4 hours depents on work.


currently working on 200m Fishing xp.

Well I am M1llz as most of the people playing know me. Instead of everyone getting maxed M1llz is made to become the first combat 3 in first page highscores.

I like to help new players in game and trying to make them feel home like I did from the beginning.
teamed up with @nathanial we shared some ideas and buggs. and I hope when the adds are up en some new players will join to be an effort to the team. help out those new players and give them tips and trick. i know every clue spot. nearly every overhead protection for bosses since these are the most asked questions in the clanchat.

See You all ingame




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U neeed more activity but i say u are friendly with other players.


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Will be more active when im done with this job, hard to combine your business with some free time and playtime but thanks for the reply @iffolen

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