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Updates 5/11/2018

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Scape-War Updates

  1. Fixed a welcome screen crash.

  2. Fixed a bug that sometimes turned you invisible after teleporting.

  3. Added Ring of Nature, Ring of Coins & Ring of Stone functionality.

  4. Fixed Hitpoints skill guide's header text.

  5. Fixed platinum tokens.

  6. Fixed loads of item values (Kept on death).

  7. Corrected Abyssal bludgeon's spec effect & increased damage.

  8. Added skilling pets.

  9. Shops can now contain more items and display a scrollbar.

  10. Fixed projectile offsets such as Kraken etc.

  11. Added Vorkath boss.

  12. Fixed an issue with players stuck in clan chats.

  13. Added an interface for Mystery box.

  14. Fixed a bug with Pest control where a single game would last forever (Players unable to join).

  15. Added Ava's assembler to Vote shop & Vorkath's drop table.

  16. Corrected arrow attracting equipment chances of arrow retrieval.

  17. Organized Slayer shop & changed a few prices.

  18. New items added:
    - Justiciar armor
    - Sanguinesti staff
    - Guardian boots
    - Scythe of Vitur
    - Imbued god capes (Same way to obtain)

  19. Redid Donator shops.


  20. Fixed a bug with dialogue options were players were able to click them multiple times.




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