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Daymon's Staff Application

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Username: Daymon

Time Played (full screen picture): 5aa207ef1900c_TimePlayed.png.b76583feff8cca65bb36dcf28020647b.png

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (-5 UTC)

Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Negative.

How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?:  

Here recently, I've been playing at least 3 hours a day, as soon as I get off work. And have plan on playing at least 5-10 hours a day on the weekends.

Any past experiences?: 

I have been Server Moderator on 2 other RSPS's, rather large ones. And a support on 1 other. Wont say names for advertising reasons.

Do you have Skype?: 

Absolutely, I do. Want to start getting on the Discord as well once I get a better headset.

What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?:

Strength: Determination. Being in the U.S. Military, they definitely teach you how to be persistent and never quit on your goals. 

Weakness:  Quietness. Definitely if no one is talking to me, I can be as quiet as a mouse and no one would ever know I'm there. 

What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: 

I already get along with all of the staff I've talked to, others don't get on when I'm on, but I can generally get along with everyone, but I can also enforce rules if I need to. As I said earlier in the application, being in the Military, and having people under you, you have to make sure they are doing what they should be, and not doing what they shouldn't be doing. 

What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?:  

Discipline, Respect, Courage, Integrity, and Character.


What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: 

I definitely would like to achieve a high rank on this server, because I really enjoy this server, and really enjoy the time I spend on the server. I would like to get Moderator, possibly even admin or developer. I don't have any experience in developing, but I'd definitely like to try and learn, and provide even more for the server if it was something I was good at. But I work for small goals, so that last part I wouldn't expect for a long time. 


I appreciate you all giving the time of your day to read my application. 

Thank you, 


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Solid application. Will definitely be in consideration next time promotions are happening. 



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