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Dipndots7's Server Suggestions

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1. Removing "null" or useless items from the drop tables - Constantly getting rusty swords, mix potions, dragon tokens, .. ETC. They are a nuisance to see on the ground as players may think it's an actual drop or just plain annoyed as seeing a red dot on the map.

2. Instead of removing those items, give them a use/purpose.

3. Fix some of the items that are announced/add rare drop announcements - Seeing an announcement that someone got an item that's only a mill or so is kind of just useless/annoying to see, where-as adding the boss drop announcement would give player some achievement when killing a boss and maybe sway some more people to start pvming.

4. Add a few more ores in the mining skilling teleport - As it is now, whenever mining is the bonus xp event for the hour, if there are 4 or more people in the area, it's sometimes impossible to be able to mine and get efficient xp rates.

5. Fix the "view player profile" achievement, as it is impossible to actually view a profile.

6. Fix xp given by agility course ticket - As of right now, the agility tickets only give 100xp.. really? Someone spends a pretty good amount of time to gain x amount of ticket to go turn them in to only get 100 xp each, is ridiculous, also as you turn in more at 1 time (ex. 25, or 50) the reward should become greater, maybe a 5% increase as the amount gets higher (ex. 1 = 250, 10 = 2650, 25 = 2812.5... ETC.)

7. Fix the equipment bonus tab to show accurate max hits.

8. Allow melee to be used @ Pest Control and maybe if it's possible, add a half damage credit system- because let's say you don't get 80 points because there's 9 people in the game, but you did AT LEAST 40, you'd get half points.

9. Reduce the boat time for Pest control if you have more than 3 people.

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I support all of this, these are some well needed things. Keep up the ideas man ^^

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Great ideas man. Especially with the mining, that shit can be a pain... SUPPORT.

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