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thatonenub's suggestions UPDATED x2

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i have a few things i think the donor zone needs.

1. a spinning wheel near a bank

2. maybe a donor only minigame?

3.  more ore veins that never run out, so its afkable a bit

4.  maybe a furnace and anvil near a banker


heres some ideas that anyone could use.

1. when making arrowheads/darts, a make all option would be nice

2. announce when someone gets a good drop or pet drop

3. theivings exp raised a bit more?

4. a grand exchange or trading post would help alot

5. a gnome to note the farming loot or a bank spot by each farming tele

sorry if people already posted some of these ideas

6. let us be able to select hunter from exp lamp *new idea*

7. banker at crafting tele *new idea*

8. super antifires, so we could use blowpipe or other 2h weapons at dragons *new idea*

9. volkrath boss *new idea*

10. poll system *new idea*

11. updated pk shop for other items *new idea*

12. able to buy 1-2k at a time from shops *new idea*

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I like most of these ideas except a few. I think if we have another mini-game we should not be limiting this to donors only. I don't see the point in having that, that would just be rude to the regular players who cant donate. I would like to see a few more ores at dzone, maybe some addy ores and a mith ore or two. But I don't think they should never run out. That again, would just be unfair to the non donators and take away from the grind of the server. You can already make all when doing arrows. Thieving exp is great the way it is right now, it doesn't take that long to get 99 thieving.

As for the rest, I really like the ideas. Spinning wheel at dzone would make getting flax a lot easier, just have to pick it at the field and go to dzone to spin. I would like to see it announce when players get a rare drop, that would just be cool to look out for, but would also bring attention to those who are bossing in the wild as players could look for a specific drop by a certain boss which would make bossing in the wild a little more risky. Player owned shops would be just awesome. That would really help when trying to sell things, I would love to see this implemented. And for the last thing, I don't think there should be a bank at farming spots but a guy to note the herbs and such would be kinda nice. Doesn't really take away from the grind just a help with convenience. Nice ideas man!  

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13 hours ago, Dead Fury said:

 You can already make all when doing arrows.

i ment when doing smithing to make arrow heads, it only makes in sets of 10 atm

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1. Spinning wheel in dzone, not a bad idea.

2. Maybe, but i'm not sure, if it gains this much players. Like we can see, very few play minigames here, community needs to grow a little, more active players, then we can talk about this.

3. I agree with @Dead Fury.

4. Yes, why not.


1. I agree with this one.

2. It should work now.

3. No, less xp-more money ;) ;) 

4. Well, in my opinion we don't need it, stay to classics. (just my opinion)

5. Again at this point, i agree with @Dead Fury.

6. Haha yes, this should be added.

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Some great ideas there. The only one I dont fully support would be the mini game for donors only. As stated above from Fury, it just wouldnt be fair to those who cannot donate. Awesome, awesome ideas though man!

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Selecting hunter from xp lamps is something I definitely agree with been caught out by that a couple of times ;)

Banker at crafting tele, not exactly game changing but I suppose would make tanning hides a lot less painful so I agree. 

Super antifires I personally don't agree with just cause I don't feel it's really necessary. Dragons are easy enough as it is.

New bosses I'll always be happy with, just takes a lot of time to put in place.

Poll system would be a great addition before any major updates.

Updating PK shop, again, great idea, what kinda thing would you like to see there though? Could be something we could poll for!

Being able to buy more from shops just a quality of life improvement sounds good as well. 


Over all decent ideas.

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