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Revamp achievement system

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Some achievements don't work at the moment (for example change your outfit with makeover mage and complete barb course x500)... but I still think some of these can be replaced nevertheless. For example adding kill 100x bandos or 100x armadyl (similarly to kill zulrah , kraken + callisto)....  I purchased the achievement cape with 30 points and unfortunately can't wear it (Impossible).

I also think some are 'a waste of time'  in a way, especially for easy tasks. For example, complete gnome agility course 100 times. This could possibly be changed things like 'kill 100 iron dragons' or something along those lines which would benefit players, especially new ones more so than completing the lowest level course 100 times.

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Okay x500 is extreme yeah, but x100, x250, these are doable. Also "Obtain a fire cape x50" is kinda "Waste of time", but x10 is aswell doable.

View player profiles isn't  working for me, i don't know what about others, but yeah, if it's not working then this also should be fixed. Also i don't know anything about "Mage Arena Points x500". Has anyone done it? Does it works?

Anyways, "Obtain a fire cape x50", "Complete Barb course x500" should be switched out, very boring and takes very long time tbh.



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