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Competition time!! [Best Guide]

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Competition time!


Hey all.

I'm going to be hosting this competition; and this will come from my own pocket. All you have to do is create the best guide possible for scape-war. Your guide can be anything from how to pick flax (you probably won't win :D) to how to kill Vetion or make cash. There are many grey areas where there are no guides, for example crafting guides... many boss guides etc.

What can you win?

I will personally choose 3 winners.. Here are the prizes for the top 3.

1st Prize-  ecb27dcadcba5d214b3ccf6a8d0ae9e4.png

2nd Prize -  a021fd66093f1d98ca6fe549b2cf490c.png

3rd Prize - ff6256461fe6971c5c71aef1df83e886.png

What do you have to do to win?

As stated above, the best guide will win. I will be the judge and I will base it off many aspects, here are some:

1] Attention to detail

2] How informative and clear the guide is

3] How helpful the guide is

Your guide can be a forum guide with pictures and texts, or can be a youtube video with/without voice commentary.

How many submissions can I do?

As many as you want. The same person could potentially win all 3 prizes if their guides are the best. I encourage all to make as many as possible and make them as good as possible for the biggest chances of winning.

Why am I doing this

I have been an owner of my own RSPS in the past, and played many myself. I always look for guides on the forums when starting out, to  determine which is the best approach as a new player, or even how to kill specific monsters/bosses when I haven't before. I believe guides can be the difference between new players coming/going, and will help the server grow in the long run.

How long do I have to submit my guide and where do I post it?

The deadline for this competition will be 15th February 2018. This will give everyone just over a week to create their guide(s) and submit them. Once you have finished your guide, whether it be a youtube guide or a forum guide, post it in the guide sections; and put the words 'Heals competition guide #1' #2 #3 etc depending on the amount of submissions. I'll post all submissions below so PM me in-game or tag me in your post on forums when you have posted.


Anyone found to be cheating will be disqualified.


Good luck  ~ Heal


Current submissions



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3 minutes ago, Holemess122 said:

@Gazza teaming is allowed confirmed

Whoever submits the guide (even if you make it together) will win the prize, so it's up to you to share the prize if you win.

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