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12.06.2020 Updates

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  1. Fixed the West room at Cerberus.
  2. Changed adamant scimitar stats requirements from 1 to 30 attack level. 
  3. Fixed the bug when players equipped pickaxe was ignored due better pickaxe in inventory.
  4. Fixed the stairs on bottom floor of the Slayer Tower.
  5. Fixed 3rd age pickaxe animation.
  6. Community Manager rank does not have unlimited special attack anymore.
  7. The "Recent Listings" button in the GE is not delayed anymore.
  8. Changed the crafting teleport to the Crafting Guild.
  9. Added the cash reward to 1M gp per Pest Control game. During the 30 mins of 1.5x Pest Control points event the reward is increased to 2-5m gp per game. 
  10. Coins received from slayer tasks (normal monsters, NOT boss tasks) are 5x the normal amount.
  11. Updated the slayer helm (i):  
    - added 15% range and mage bonus. 
  12. Cooking gauntlets provide a 2.5% cooking exp boost when worn. Increased the price for cooking gauntlets in prestige shop to 9 points.
  13. Fixed the bug when player actions continued after clicking on NPC.
  14. Fixed the Retribution and Redemption prayers.
  15. Fixed the Zuk pet. 
  16. Players are allowed to sell back items to Achievement shop for half of buy price. 
  17. Fixed problem that server won't accept new clients if it's reconnecting to database for some reason. Update prepared statements on reconnect. Player Save Service that takes failed player saves from queue and processes them. Log action logs to file if MySQL is down.



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