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29.05.2020 Updates

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  1. Fixed "Abyssal tentacle" protecting over alot of items for example. zenyte items/ags/toxic staff of dead/armadyl crossbow. 
  2. Fixed the client fullscreen for MAC OS.
  3. Fixed Zul-andra teleport (allowed to spawn multiple Zulrah instances).
  4. Fixed POS history action not opening the window.
  5. Added a Grand Exchange Clerk to the ::dzone.
  6. Added "Quickprayer" detector if you disable prayers manually. Fixed the situation when you disabled prayers manually while they were activated by clicking Quickprayer icon- the system thought that the quickprayers were on.
  7. Fixed the Quick prayer sprite icon not changing when enabling/disabling it.
  8. Added use of Certain ladders, staircases, trapdoors. It gives players a chance to escape from pkers.
  9. Added Lava Dragons jump over obstacle (shortcut) that requires 74 agility.
  10. Added wilderness warning in teleport inferface for Lava Dragons.
  11. Fixed the bug with teleport payments when player received message "not enough coins" but still got teleported and was not charged. Added message if payment succeed.
  12. Added announcements message about ::trivia usage, upon login show trivia question if it's active.
  13. Added more Trivia questions.
  14. Added a "Price Guide" button to the GE person since not everyone knows to check ::pc for pricing guidance. 




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Another week, another great update! Thanks for addressing the POS and adding more trivia questions. Very much appreciated.

Looking forward to next week!

Thanks again,


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