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22.05.2020 Updates

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  1. Added ironman logos to the clan chat.
  2. Added client confirmation on close.
  3. Added bank to Shilo Village and fixed the entering. Also Added working furnace to Shilo Village.
  4. Magic barrage multidamage autocast is now fixed.
  5. Fixed the Revenants pillars, where people could abuse the bug not to get killed. Also added animation of teleport. 
  6. Added each obstacle use delay in wilderness. 
  7. Potions that boost magic allow us now to use higher spells. 
  8. Fixed the infernal pickaxe not giving smithing xp on runite ores.
  9. Fixed the bug that you could spam fishing. Fixed the fishing animations that now showing every time. 
  10. Fixed the Inferno minigame pillars. Pillars are useful now. Mobs and player can not attack through it. Added pillar death animation. Added wave completion message. Added dialogue at last boss level. Jal Nib's are attacking pillars and ignoring player hits if pillars are alive, also they are switching to another pillar on kill. Monsters are now always following player. Pillars and mobs are disappearing in last wave. Also fixed the boss not spawning issue. Fixed the inferno save/load issue and pillars hitpoints. 
  11. Changed the rune packs opening delay.
  12. Fixed the auto-retaliate. 
  13. Kodai wand does not require water runes anymore. 
  14. Dwarf Cannon Set is now unpackable. Also Improved the cannon setup check. Player can build cannon automatically with animations instead of adding components on cannon object. Cannon is placed not under player anymore. If player interacts with other player cannon, he will get message about ownership. Each 30 minutes cannon stops. If player is near cannon, he has 10 minutes to re-enable it. Otherwise it will despawn. Also optimised projectile delay and limited firing distance. Cannons cannot take place near each other anymore.
  15. Added PlayerRights enum for easier adding new ranks and assigning icons to them. 
  16. Added Youtube rank and icon.




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Won’t be able to enjoy these updates, or edit my list for two weeks but glad to hear everything is going good. 

Keep up the great work Steven and mysterious stranger. 

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Guest Ru55e11

Good job! Good to see the game being updated and bugs being fixed. 👌🏼 Scape-war = Best server! 

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