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16.05.2020 Updates

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  1. Infernal minigame NPC's "the pillars" are fixed.
  2. Infernal pet is counting as achievment. 
  3. Fixed the Corporeal Beast passing wall. 
  4. Added the rocks prospecting feature.
  5. Amethyst ores are mineable now. 
  6. You can consume ores and logs when using infernal axe and pickaxe.
  7. Infernal pickaxe gives smithing xp '
  8. Added new woodcutting teleport to the WC guild in Kourend.
  9. The invisible object at shop area got removed.
  10. Fixed the bug when the random goes away it closes all the interfaces.
  11. Fixed the bug when noting "tome of fire".
  12. Fixed the POS.
  13. Fixed the platinum token exchange. 
  14. Added client close confirmation. (will be on live after client update)
  15. After killing inferno there is chance to get pet.



Edited by Steven

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Appreciate this Update, and the Future ones to come.

And to the New Dev..... I have a certain set of skills. I will Look for you, and I will Find you.... And I will Thank you. 😉

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