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🚩 Some of these were Already Suggested on the Discord by me, However, I did not want them to get lost so I am Re-posting them all On Forums.

🚩More Can Be Added or Suggested for Some of These Listed Below, Like more NPC's to Add to Slayer tasks, NPC's to Add to Katacombs, Etc.

🚩If Your going to Add, or Suggest anything - Please think about the effect on the game, economy, or players before posting. Also be ready to take criticism for anything you put, or suggest. (We're all here to help the game get better and be friendly) 


1) Fix the running into the shops Area
    -Currently when you click in the building, it makes you run outside of it.

2) You can fish, mine, fletch and train other skills while moving, banking or using bank deposit.
    - This allows for bug abusers to gain exp easier.

3) Allow the use of Certain ladders, caves, and shortcuts.
    - Motherload mine Cave (if it gets added)
    - Nietz City Door (By Yaks)

4) Add a working motherload mine area
    - Allows new ways to gain mining exp and more various ores at once instead of having to mine each ore one by one.
5) There are Amethyst ore in the mining area but you are unable to mine it.
    - Add these ores and the ability to make the arrows, and use them using magic short bow.
6) Change some areas and make additions to others.
    - Move Woodcutting skill tele to the Woodcutting Guild
    - Change Crafting tele to the Crafting Guild 
        - Add Tanner to Crafting Guild

    - Add an NPC to note items at the farming Areas
    - Add the ability to grow trees, including Spirit trees
    - Add more to build to Construction (So players can max out houses)
    - Add Prestiege levels to construction.

7) Change up or add more trivia questions. 
    - People are getting too used to the same questions time after time.

😎 Add runelite plug-ins to the server 
    - Loot tracker
    - Kill Tracker
    - Exp Tracker
    - Farming Timers
    - Tile Markers
    - Etc (More can be thought of or added)

9) Add X and all button to bank tabs so you dont have to right click
    - This is more for ease of access for players
10) Add Working Rune and Adamant Dragons with drops
    - Make it so that Rune dragons drop 1 Noted rune bar 100% of kills
    - Make it so that Addy dragons drop 2 Noted Addy bars 100% of kills

11) Add Harcore Ironman 
    - 1 Death turns the account into a regular ironman
12) Add Group ironman accounts
    - 2 to 3 Players working together.
13) Remove the ability to change account status
    - You already have to confirm your choice when you make your account, so there shouldn't be a reason to change status after the account is made.
14) Once a day or once a week Move the practice bots from wild to pest control
    - This helps new players have a chance to get void, since most of the older players already have it and dont want to go back
15) Make changes to discord.
    - Assign a new discord manager and a new staff manager
    - No offense to Zem since I think of him as a friend, but due to inactivity, I believe its time to make this change.

16) Highscores Wipe 
    - Remove accounts that havent been active in 6months to a year, make a way so that if they are active again then it goes back on the highscores.
17) Add working Wintertodt
    - Allow it to be soloable but not too easy for a group to beat it in less than 1min.
    - Add th reward crates + the pet that goes with it.

18) When a random goes away, it closes all interfaces like banks, shops, etc.
    - Would like to fix this
19) I think this will fix the in-game cash problem.
--- Since a lot of people are using items to trade, gamble, etc - and there are massive amounts of items in the pos I believe a way to solve the cash problem is to make a new shop.

This shop is like a general store, but for higher tier items such as GWD items, clue scroll items, and so on. So i think you make this shop buy your items for the well of goodwill prices (with some having to be manually added due to some items not being accepted in the well - but NOT the price checker amount since that would be too much and flood the game with cash) - However, the trick to this shop is you can only sell to this shop, no one can buy from this shop. This stops other players from buying an item for "dirt cheap" - so you'll have to be careful when selling. 

Anywho, this will allow people to sell items that no one wants to buy so that they dont sit in banks or pos, and allows cash to be brought into the game


1) Fix whatever it is that causes inventory slots to change when you set up your inventory and either exit bank or do something that causes your inventory to re-arrange itself.

2) Fix the ability to change private to off or friends. 
    - Also fix the ability to ignore people, so they can't bother you or see if your online or not. 
    - Make sure this also works inside the Clan Chats, Public Chat, Trades, Etc.

3) Add a ticket system for players to use to get ahold of staff members, so they aren't too overwhelmed. This allows for Staff to help people in order and also so that people aren't being told the wrong information. PLEASE NOTE THAT STAFF NEEDS TO KNOW THE CORRECT ANSWERS AND THE RULES FOR THIS TO WORK.
    - Add command "::help" for players
    - Add command "::ticket" for Staff 
    - A player fills out a help ticket with a ticket timer of 15 minutes
        So players can't spam the command
    - Ticket includes Player's name, a comment box with 500 characters to add details about what they need help with, and a submit button.
    - After the ticket is complete, the staff members who clicked the "completed" button are tracked to see who does what.

4) Add a "::survey" command that can tell admin+ how the staff team is doing.
    - The downfall of this will be alts or friends doing it to make someone look better than they are. However, the honest players will be truthful if they got real help or got ignored, etc.    
    - More can be added to this, this is just a quick suggestion with little detail.

5) New Additions to Donator Ranks - Add these to any that are believed to be "worthy", but I believe that an update should be given to donator ranks.
    - New Donator Zone (For Legendary +) including runite rock, adamantite rock, yew tree, magic tree, a fishing spot for dark crabs and manta rays, a cooking range, and more can be added or suggested.
    - Presets for inside the bank for donators. (MUST HAVE ITEMS IN BANK)
        - Regular Donator, Allowed 1 preset 
        - VIP Donator, Allowed 2 Presets
        - Investor, Allowed 3 Presets
    - Ability to Claim 1 Lamp, OR 1 Mystery Box per day (untradable)
        - A new box will have to be added, because the ability to make it untradable needs to be done so it doesnt ruin the price of these items.

    - Ability for Higher Tier Donators (VIP +) to choose tasks - or allow VIP+ Donators to purchase that as a perk.
    - More to come or suggested.....

7) Add new bosses to Donator Slayer master, and add wilderness slayer
    - Kalphite Queen added to Donator Slayer
    - Each Dagganoth King (Or Dagganoth Kings in General)
    - Skorpia
    - Vorkath

    - Demonic Gorillas
7A) Wilderness Slayer Master - New Master to give ONLY wilderness tasks (small increase on points and exp per task)
    - Lava Dragons
    - Scorpia
    - Crazy Arch
    - Chaos Element
    - Chaos Fanatic
    - Vet'ion
    - Vennenatis
    - Green Dragons
    - Revenants (In General)
    - Black Dragons
    - Greater Demons
    - Hellhounds
    - More can be Added or suggested as well (Wildnerness NPC's ONLY)

7B) Add NPC's to Hard Slayer Tasks

    - Tortured Demons

    - Demonic Demons

😎 Add Katacombs of Korend with All Correct NPC's and Add NPC's To Slayer Tasks

    - Brutal Dragons, Superior Monsters with Rare Drop Tables, etc. (Can Complete this list with a full map if wanted, or needed)


9) Skilling Boss - A new Boss in Scape-War that is specifically for Skilling and Requires Skilling to kill it.
    - Drops would be Mid to High level Herbs, Potions (unf), Ores, Etc. 
    - Super Rare Drops Could be Infernal Axe, Infernal Pickaxe or new Crystal Axes.
    - Can be Killed with level 1 to 99 Skills, however the Higher the Level, The faster/Easier it becomes.
    - Like the Gauntlet in OSRS or something smiliar.

10) Battle Royal Bugs need fixed (This was played on Casual Mode 2)
    - Not Everyone Starts with Max Stats or 126 CB 
        - They start with whatever level they are currently
    - Whenever you kill someone, you lose all items you have on and in your inventory
    - No Loot keys drop whenever someone dies (to restock)
    - Allow Game to be played with 6-12 instead of needing the full 12 players
    - If competetive Mode, make it 5m to join and Winner gets All with 5% "Tax"


11) Add the Ability to Use Marks of Grace to Color Graceful Outfits
    - Example : Boots and Gloves cost 100 Marks to color ONCE
    - And Price goes up from there.

12) Add Clue Scroll Drops from Various Skilling Activities
    - Woodcutting
    - Mining
    - Fishing
    - Hunter (From Imps)

13) Add Ability to Decant Noted Potions (Credit to "The Dutchy")
    - Doing it Inventory at a time makes it take too long.

14) Fix collection Log so it tracks correctly

15) Farming Bug Fix 
    - When you log out, it sometimes causes the patches to bug. You have to use spade on it whether its dead, fully grown or anything. 

16) Add a Command "::last"
    - Tele's you to your last destination faster.
    --> Faster than going through the interface (even if this becomes a new donator command)

17) Allow Players to put in "Buy offers" in the grand exchange.
    - Allows players to trade, sell and buy items whenever timezones differ.

18) Cerberus East teleport and West Teleport take You to the Same room.

    - Fixing this would allow 3 people to fight cerberus instead of fighting over two Rooms when there are 3 Teleports.

🏳️......More To Come In The Future......🏳️



EDIT - Added a New Small Amount of Updates #11-18 (6/7/2020)

EDIT - Scratched out What was Placed in Updates (6/12/2020)

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