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Ahrims set - 15m 

Godsword shard 2 - 5m ea

Dark bow - 5m ea

Guthan set - 15m

Karils set - 20m

B Anchor - 10m

DFG (G) - 120m

Ballista Spring - 25m

Gilded Skirt - 75m

Trident - 40m

Bandos Boots - 10m

Ring of stone - 10m

Warriors ring - 15m

Seers ring - 20m

Odium and Malediction shard - 30m ea

Necklace of Anguish - 200m

Inf hat - 5m ea

Spirit shield - 35m ea

Amulet of fury - 20m ea

Dragon axe - 25m

Infernal Axe and Pick axe - 200m ea

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