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My ideas to server By Sahel26

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Hello i have some ideas to the server and 

1. When you scroll down on the blue icon then under or over the  open monster drop table there should be a buttom you can click on it and you get help and the name should be help so whenever you click on it you get teleported to a place like jail and then you get help.

2. Some new phats and santa hats in different colors like pink/lightblue and futher.

3. on the client or launcher you should have some buttons on top that have  Vote and Donate , Forums, Discord and Website:D

4. Mabye like get youtubers to do something so they don't stop like if you make youtube 1-30 views mabye you get 20m and further. 

Hope you will add some of my ideas:D cya!

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1. it would be alot easier if it was just a command.

2. thats a good idea but will take some time. cause you have to edit the current models and stuff.

3. wouldnt be a bad idea could be helpfull

4. getting paid for youtube wouldnt be a good idea cause you can just keep watching the video over and over to get views 

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1: you can just ask another player, or pm a staffmember on discord so thats pretty useless.
2: We are not a custom server, and we already have a lot of cosmetics ongoing
3: you can do ::site in game which gets you to the forums
4: There is already rewards for being a youtuber, and you make an individual deal with steven.


Translated to danish:
Du kan altid spørge en anden spiller eller et staffmember. 

Vi er ikke en custom server= vi har kun meget få items som rent faktisk ikke eksisterer i rigtig runescape.

Du kan skrive ::site i spillet hvilket åbner en tab med forums.

Youtubere får allerede en form for betaling for videoer, og de laver en aftale med Steven og ingen aftaler er ens :)

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1: There are "guides" located on the forums for certain things and "staff members" who have knowledge of the server and are reachable via discord, forums and Skype. We always appreciate suggestions but that one is pretty much covered <3 

2: I personally don't agree with this as @Holemess122 said we aren't really a custom server and there are plenty of cosmetics and things to play with already :D

3: ::vote, ::voted, ::forum or ::site (both work), ::store takes you to the donation page. ::claim Claims the donation.

4:Youtubers like holemess said make individual deals with steven.


Cheers, DarkMessiah

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