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Pet Insurance, Ease of Access & Some Bug Fixes!

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  1. Added WASD camera movement (Available via toggles).
    The following actions will disable WASD-camera (if WASD toggled):
      - Pressing the enter key on the keyboard.
      - Clicking on the chatbox.
      - Opening up any prompt dialogue such as add friend/ignore etc.
    The following actions will enable WASD-camera (if WASD toggled):
      - Clicking anywhere else than the chatbox.
      - Using middle-mouse button camera.
      - Zooming on the game screen.
  2. Fullscreen is available again via ::fs / ::fullscreen command.

  3. Fishing spots now display more information on right click:


  4. Fixed freeze timer displaying veng icon.

  5. Fixed Cerberus west teleport.

  6. Bank fixes:
    - The deposit worn equipment no longer crashes bank tabs.
    - The deposit inventory is now a lot smoother.

  7. Added ::switch command (dev+).

  8. Added Pet Insurance:




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Guest kapa197

after the update we cant put everything in bank anymore or trade we have to click for example every bone or fish we want to put in we cant rightclick it and select all anymore
i know its been said in the server i just want to  verify that its not just  person that had this problem 

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