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OSRS Settings Tab, Great Olm fixes & More!

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  1. Added Molten glass to Construction Supplies shop.
  2. Collection Log:
    - Mage Arena shop purchases now count towards the log.
    - Added Dagon'hai to Abyssal sire collection.
    - Added Sea Troll Queen log.
    - Added the missing skilling pets.
    - Added purple Dagon'hai to Skotizo collection.
    - Added Statius armour to Revenants log.
  3. Added Construction & Hunter to EXP Lamp.
  4. Added NEW Settings tab:
    image.png     image.png
  5. Corrected the "Complete Barb Course (x500)" => "Complete Wildy Course (x500)".
  6. Corrected Bandos armour defence requirement.
  7. The crate in Varrock no longer takes you to Brimhaven dung.
  8. Warrior guild's defender interface now updates correctly after the drop is picked up.
  9. Fixed the stats & requirements of Magic shortbow (i).
  10. The Dark Altar now displays an informative message when clicking on it.

  11. KDR is no longer affected by deaths to npc's.
  12. Removed Abyssal bludgeon from the Vorkath's drop table.
  13. You can now decant Overloads and Super combat potions.
  14. Raids (Great Olm):
    - You can now attack Great Olm with melee.
    - Fixed a bug with the party interface not showing up.
    - Fixed a bug with the drops not showing up in chest.
  15. Fixed interface scrolling using mouse wheel.
  16. Added Raids damage indicator.




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Guest brokendream

when i try and resize my screen the surronding area im trying to expand just stays black any fix for this?

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Guest agrohimjce

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Guest Michailktz

Where is administration?
It is important.

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