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Collection Log, Bug fixes & More!

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  1. Fixed Abyssal sire drops preview.
  2. Craw's bow no longer hits 0-s.
  3. Added Collection Log:

    (Note: Items collected before this update will not count!)
  4. Added Golden Apron & Chef's hat to clue rewards.
  5. Fixed Dragon chainbody (g) dismantling.
  6. Fixed afk barrels (now stops when clicking away).
  7. Disassembling a Turquoise slayer helmet now correctly returns a vorkath's head.
  8. Fixed Rubber chicken's attack animations.
  9. Fixed Bonecrusher "Check" option.
  10. Fixed the "Thieve A NPC" achievement (Now also works on Master Farmer & Guards).
  11. Fixed Mage/Range combat following (Used to run to the npc sometimes).
  12. Fixed Tanner, now removes the coins properly.
  13. Fixed some of the glitched items such as the Bob shirts & Trimmed platebodies.
  14. Added Angler's outfit experience bonus.
  15. Added Lumberjack outfit and its bonus. (Available in Prestige shop).
  16. Fixed Bonecrusher's 'Check' action.
  17. Updated the launcher and cache updating (Should now always download the latest when available).
    (For those who have/had issues: You need to redownload the launcher).



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