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NEW Items, Bug Fixes & Additions

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  1. Fixed Sanguinesti staff charging.
  2. Fixed Kodai insignia's note.
  3. Added latest OSRS Item's data.
  4. Added Assembler's max cape.
  5. You can now enchant Sapphire bracelet (Bracelet of Clay).
  6. You can now mine Clay rocks (Soft clay using Bracelet of clay).
  7. Ironman players can now use the Wilderness shop.
  8. Fixed ::commands to display ::dzone etc for every rank who has donated (Including ironman players).
  9. Ironman players can now use dzone fountain.
  10. Special staff can now execute any commands with any rank.
  11. Added global announcement for when someone reaches 200M xp in a skill.
  12. Added 🔥 Twisted set 🔥 (Ranging gear):
    - The set is available in Donator Shop and from Great Olm.

  13. Added Rangers' tights:

    (Availability: Vote Shop)
  14. Added 3 🔥 Divine spirit shield 🔥 recolors:

    (Availability: Corporeal beast drop table, Donator Shop, Dark Mystery box.)
  15. Added  Twisted slayer helmet (Available in Donator Shop and Slayer Shop).
  16. NEW Events:
    - Double resources event: During the course of the event, mining and fishing yield double the resources.
    - Pest Control: During the course of the event, the points earned from Pest Control are doubled.
  17. Added "Make X" and "Make All" for smithing.
  18. Corrected Slayer helmet's defence requirement 20 => 10.
  19. Added 🔥 3rd age druidic 🔥 set to the clue scroll rewards (Extremely rare to get).

  20. Added Bucket helm and it's (g) version to the clue rewards.




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Guest MeetFusi0n

I expected to see something about cbow bolt enchant amount but other than that looks good

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