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Hey Warriors , I got small suggestion for you which is really needed , so for people who do barrows , I don't know if u have noticed but when u kill certain NPC [ Dharok / Verac..etc ]

and u take his hp to 0 , it takes 3 secs so he disappears or [ fully dies / sits down ] , so if u kill him and don't wait till he disappear then u go upstair to do next npc , it wont count that u killed it , you have to wait till he fully dies and disappears , so if I wanna do it quick and like kill them and go upstairs for next one , I did nothing here cuz It will reset , this is really needed In my opinion even though barrows isn't a 'Main' event but its important to update this .

if u don't know what I'm talking about , take a gear real quick , go to barrows kill 1 npc don't wait till his gone or 'sit down' , just go upstairs whenever u take his hp to 0 , go immediately upstairs and then go down back and u will see its reseted and didn't count , people will waste their time killing them twice or even more and they wont know what's happening , its what happened to me until I figured it out , I thought its bug or something and I was confused then I noticed ...

feedbacks ?

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yeah you have to wait for it to actually be dead... but instead of fixing that.. how about making it less like real 07, and just have the barrows brothers on the hills.. and you kill them for their armor? like have multiple spawned of ea brother.

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