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Completionist cape, Zaryte bow & Bug fixes!

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  1. Added Zaryte bow (Available from Donator Shop #1).
  2. Added Completionist cape (Available via Mac).
  3. Added a global message for when someone completes all achievements.
  4. Added achievements icon to the achievement complete message.
  5. Added 2 new achievements: 'Sacrifice A Firecape', 'Exchange An Infernal cape'.
  6. Fixed the "Exchange" option for Tzhaar-Ket-Keh.
  7. The Infernal cape is now added/dropped once the player has teleported out.
  8. Added a base for Pet Dialogues and a single Callisto cub dialogue.
  9. The herbs from Raid rewards are now noted and in increased quantities.
  10. Fixed a bug with Raid rewards not displaying.
  11. Fixed Agility rooftop courses when Low Detail is enabled.



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