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Raid teams, Prestige shop & Bug fixes!

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  1. Fixed a major bug in player saving.
  2. You can now wear Ancient cloak.
  3. Random Math questions can no longer pop up when you are assigned another random event.
  4. Tzkal-Zuk (Inferno) kills are now tracked.
  5. Added Cooking gauntlets to Prestige shop.
  6. Added Pyromancer set and effect (Available in Prestige shop).
  7. Mystery box fixes:
    - You can now also click on Mystery boxes from the inventory instead of 'Spin'.
    - Fixed a known bug with Dragon boots.
    - It now states in the chatbox what you received.
  8. Added Raid teams & Rewards:
    - Added Raid parties & Possible rewards for each member.
    - You can now create a party with up to 5 members.
    - Each player has to deal at least 50 damage to be eligible for a reward.
    - Only the killer (the player who deals the most damage) is eligible for a very rare drop.
    - Dwarf multicannon cannot be used.

    image.png     image.png     

  9. Added Pyromancer set & Effect (Available in Prestige shop).


  10. Added Cooking gloves to Prestige shop.



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