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Bug fixes & Small additions

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Rogue's equipment crate detail.pnglogo.png 90px-Rogue_armour_equipped.png?b6d4d


  1. Pest control doors fixed.
  2. Fixed Fury (or) stats.
  3. Added Dragon axe to Trivia shop.
  4. Fixed Platinum tokens/Coins exchanging.
  5. Changed Cooking teleport to Rogue's Den.
  6. Fixed mob drop announcements!
  7. Fixed Mark of grace spawns.
  8. Fixed all canes stats & requirements.
  9. Added store 'Sell all' option (Still 500 max though).
  10. Added prospector outfit & effect (2.5% mining xp boost).
  11. Added Rogue's equipment (1/30 chance to receieve a crate from Wall safes)
       - 1/30 chance to receive double loot whilst thieving npcs or stalls.
       - 3% thieving xp bonus.    


  12. Loot from thieving is now dropped on ground when inventory is full.
  13. Fixed the currency icon for Mark of grace.



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