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Username: DarkMessiah

Time Played (full screen picture):Ingametime.PNG.3fec2cf23bcd568d7f199f0d421eee02.PNG

Timezone: Eastern Standard time

Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Not that i am aware of. 

How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?:  hrs a day 6-10 week 30-50

Any past experiences?: Yes back when i was younger, I was an admin and moderator on a couple of servers.

but i couldn't remember the names if i tried.

Do you have Skype?:No but making one is not an issue.

What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait is that i love helping people, i don't care if i am fighting a boss getting xp etc. i will

come to whoever needs help and try my best to get them what they need, if i have any weakness at all i get carried away sometime with jokes but it doesnt get horribly bad XD

Strength: Always Positive towards other players and staff

Weakness:  sometimes i'm afk for at least 30 mins. 

What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: .I think i would be a good asset because i'm always telling new players not to be afraid to ask questions, i take a lot of time out of my playtime if there's anything a player needs. i want people to feel as welcome as possible on the server!

What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Loyalty, Friendliness, Patience, Activity, Knowledge 

What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: The only thing i hope to achieve is being part of the reason this server makes it big, i have strong faith in it and believe it will have an unbelievable amount of players in the near future.

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