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Here's some items for sale!


  • Dragon (G) - 40m ea per piece or 100m when all together
  • Lime whips - 350m ea
  • Armadyl set - 850m
  • Statius's platebody - 250m
  • Ghrazi rapier - 1.75B
  • Vesta longsword - 600m
  • Malediction ward - 150m
  • Occult necklace - 100m
  • Toxic staff of the dead - 250m
  • Bandos tassets - 90m
  • Black h'ween mask - 200m
  • Dragon'hai hat (purple) - 500m
  • Armadyl crossbow - 250m

If you want to negotiate, please! 😃

Pm me or contact me ing ~ reiks

c u


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7 hours ago, Fetus said:

May I ask what you are saving up to get, or if you trade items?

Just useless stuff in my bank that i never use

And yes, if that's what you asked, then i accept items, but it depends on what items 😁(if i like em or na)

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