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New game modes / Quality of life updates.

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After coming back to this server after a number of years it has improved drastically.

I just thought I'd suggest some updates, which may bring in more players or appeal to existing ones.

Hardcore Ironman Mode:

With every other game mode available to play, I thought this should be added. 

For those who don't know what Hardcore mode is, you have 1 life. After you die, you turn into a normal Ironman.

Hardcore Ironmen are identified by having a red helmet to the left of their name.

However, incorporating this into Scape-War, instead of 'turning' into a normal Ironman and reverting the red helmet to the standard grey, I think Hardcore Ironmen who have died, should have a 'skull' symbol or a 'chicken' (I hope this is possible!).

You play as a Hardcore Ironman like every other account, but bossing is harder due to the fact that you can't make any mistakes. 

Once a Hardcore Ironman dies, a notification appears to everyone on the server.

"X player has died - They are not worthy to be a Hardcore Ironman. (Total Level: ___)"

This would add a huge amount of entertainment to the server, both people playing as hardcore Ironmen, and players waiting to see who dies next.


Skill Mode:

I have seen this on another server, so yes, I am stealing the idea.

Skill mode was a mode that was available for 2 weeks to 1 month (Similar to Deadman Mode on OSRS.)


The rules:

Players who are in 'Skill Mode' receive a sword and shield icon next to their name.

Players receive x10 experience and normal drop rates.

Players can only trade to other 'Skill Mode' players.

The aim of Skill Mode is to be a competition.


The aim:

Players have 2 weeks to 1 month of grinding skills and getting rare drops. These 'Milestones' reward points that act as a leader board.

If a player receives a valuable drop, take a screen shot and send it to an admin so they have the evidence.


The reward:

After the period of time is over, players will be rewarded for the following categories:

Highest Total Level

Second Highest Total Level

Highest Total Experience

Most Valuable Drop

Most Pets Obtained



Rewards are to be determined by the server admins (Steven and Blake.)

What I could propose is that the winner receives a certain number of donator points or a certain item. 


General Quality Of Life Updates:

Increase the speed of the Karil's Crossbow.

Add a Slayer's Staff to the shop - For pures and skillers.

Add global bosses - When killed you receive bonus loot.

The general store to buy your goods for an increased price - Your banks can have lots of random items in. If nobody in the server wants it, it is useless.



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I like the idea of global bosses, i think it'd really help bring wilderness activity up if they were in the wilderness.

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