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Ranger Shop- Should be able to buy Diamond bolts (e) or Ruby Bolts (e)

Dzone- Should be more supply's there maybe like a Boss or something we have quick access too. Maybe putting some more stuff in Dzone Shops just for Dzone players to Buy like full Obsidian or something, Adding D Swords, Access to Full Guided, Access to Buy Rocktails I don't know just some ideas I've been thinking about.

Crafting Shop- Maybe buy Gems there or Hides from Cows.

Wilderness Shop- Maybe adding a Mystery Box to that for 20 BM? or maybe Higher.

A Lecture Podium- to Record Most PVP kills in-game, Fastest Boss kills, and Highest boss KC just to make it more PVE/PVP competitive. 





I don't know just a few ideas I came up with.


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