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I know I just started yesterday but I figure I'd try get some stuff put into the game.


Rune Pouch:

To hold up to 3 different runes would be a good Suggestion for Barrage or high Alching on Slayer tasks.


Platinum Tokens: 

For when you if you ever reach max Stack in Pouch and Bank.



Maybe put Skilling Points you get for skilling to buy items like ( Elegant, Flared trousers, Gnome Goggles, Gnome Scarf, Mystery Box) stuff kinda like that might make people skill more.


Just a few Suggestions I've had Maybe some might get put in but I don't know. let me know what you guys think all Comments welcome.


Chewed bones:

Maybe bring in the whole thing for Chewed bones to bring in Dragon Full helms into the game.

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these are some great ideas and im pretty sure u can go over max cashin money pouch

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I've got around 13b in money pouch, I don't know if it even has a maximum. :P 


I very much like the idea of adding some sort of skilling point system. Currently, you can get a few of the items you mentioned (scarf, goggles, mystery boxes) from our prestige shop at home. It would be cool to have either some additional items added to that, or a secondary shop added. 


In the past I've come across systems where certain amounts of objects obtained from higher level skilling (Mage logs, rune ore and sharks) can be exchanged for a skilling point. Maybe something similar?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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