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QoL Changes + Well rework

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Here is a list of QoL changes I think the game needs


Stardust Prospector outfit should give bonus exp

Decant noted potions

Change the well (see reason below as it's long)

Be able to cook Anglerfish

Let the random event NPC's tele away without closing down your bank/window after claiming box/lamp

Make X on smithing ( for darts etc )


This list is in no particular order, just as I remembered them. Will edit and add more when I think of them.


Why the well should change

The functionality of the well shouldn't change ( x2 XP ), but the cost should be spread out more instead of a whole 24 hour block. It seems to just fall down to the richest players to fill it each day, and people are reluctant to spend 200m if they can only play for 2-4 or so hours in that period.

My idea

Well would be changed to a 4 hour bonus ( still double xp ) but have the cost dropped accordingly. It's currently 8.33M P/h to fill the well, with a 4 hour time, the cost would be 33.33. This could be changed to either 30M for slightly less gold sink (better option) or put to 40M (as it may not be on 24/7 so the added will even out the money sink).


It will encourage more people to help with the well

Should one of the normal 'well fillers' not be on, people can still chip in and activate it

Will not be a waste of 20~ hours to those who can't play much

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I've been thinking about those suggestions for a while now too, there's just so much in my head that i keep forgetting stuff, thanks for reminding me and bringing these subjects up. I fully support all of these suggestions.

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I support all of these, especially being able to cook the anglerfish as I have a ton stacked up. Might lead to some benefit in the eco as well. Good suggestions!

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