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[Locked] Im DegenterX

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Most of you may know me but I have noticed quite a few new players, so here I go with an Into!

I am DegenterX (D, Degent, Genter)

I started about soon after the server went up, I work a lot so sometimes you won't see me for awhile, but I will be on when I can be, come talk to me if you wanna chill and what not.

I'm not going to give out very many details about myself, but I play Xbox, Pc, I have Steam, and Discord, I am slightly competitive when it comes to games.

I Try to support the server anyway I can, so when it comes to donations or just in game ideas, I love to provide!

If you want to link up on steam send me a pm in-game!

~~~~~DegenterX the Dragon Tamer.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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