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Retch Staff Application

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Username: Retch

Time Played (full screen picture):2czad1e.png

Timezone: (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada) I live in Florida

Any outstanding infractions on your account?: NO, Never

How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?:  4-5 hours a day, and at least 5-6 days a week if not all 7

Any past experiences?: Yes i have been staff before on 3 different servers. I was  mod, And admin on 1, as well as and forum staff on 1 for a short period of time.also i am in customer service for a living so helping people is what i do (:

Do you have Skype?: yes, I have staff members added as well

What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?:

Strength: Like i said earlier i help people for a living. it something that i really enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from. It is also something that i take a lot of pride in, because at times dealing with people can be quite frustrating. so i take  pride in being able to help a customer while being calm in relaxed when other would be screaming their head off. its just something i'm used to dealing with.

Weakness: At times, I get a little rowdy with the boys and act a little immature. But then Again what man doesn't?

What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: Above anything else i really enjoy helping others. I consider myself a leader not only at work but also in my community. I have been told many times that i am a very kind and happy person, always putting others needs in front of my own, Even when i don't have to. its just something that brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. I also want to make this server the best that it can be. I think this server has way too much potential to not have 100+ players online at all times. Id be willing to do what ever i have to, to make that happen.

What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?:  

1: knowledge. In order to help players you have to have a good deal of knowledge about the server. otherwise you cant do your job properly.

2: Maturity. You have maturity not only to deal with situations but also to uphold the the standards that all staff members have to follow. you dont want your staff acting like a bunch of fools because nobody would ever take them seriously.

3: kindness: It takes a special type of person to sacrafice his game experience to help others enjoy theirs. you have to have a great deal of kindness when it comes to helping out other players. not to be lenient with them if they are breaking the rules, but to want to give back to the community in any way you can. be it items, help, or knowledge you have to be kind to want to do these things.

4: Activity: A staff member should be an active member in the Community and online anytime that he can be to help out. if you have inactive staff there will be times where none are online and nobody can help if a problem arises on the server.

5: Leadership: A staff member should lead the community by example. He must uphold himself to a higher standard and be able to do whatever it takes to help out the server. If you are not a leader then you wont have any followers and nobody will respect you. Respect is what keeps others from doing the wrong thing. If they respect you they aren't going to try to make your life difficult.


What do you hope to achieve in the long run?:

My overall goal is to help this server reach what its capable of. I will do whatever i can to get as many people to play, and to help every single one of those players have the best experince that they can on war-scape, whether i get the position or not. Its what i like to do and what brings me the most satisfaction, just like in real life (;

I'd like to thank you for looking at my application and considering me for the position <3 -Retch

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