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The FAMOUS op D claws

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spacer.png            DRAGON CLAWS❤️

Dragon claws : one of the weapon with the most notable special attack that I seen is osrs. Hitting 4 time his opponent in less than a second make this A VERY POWERUL pk weapon.

All that being said, I don't think its normal that this weapon can 1 shot you when you correctly geared and praying against melee.

Its now impossible for players wildy side, that is slaying monsters or doing anythings else , to finish their task. Crossing a players with d claws is a insta-Dead situation😣.

OSRS WIKI : Against players, the highest sequence is 42–21–10–11, totalling up to 84. (NON GUEARED OPPENENT).

I Seen more thank often special attack going up to 115-150 hp in total.


Lets try to balance the wildy together💪,

Thanks ! 








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