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Capt JayZ

Ironman Drop Rates

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Shouldn't ironman get a higher drop rate since they are unable to buy items but rather have to farm for their items. Iv always thought ironman had 10% higher drop rates than normal players but i was told they are the same, so i am suggesting this now (:

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While ironman accounts do have the limitation of being unable to trade, they shouldn't see a drop rate increase (or at most a very minor increase) because ironman status can be dropped at any time. This is done by talking to an NPC, Adam, just north of the Lumbridge gate. 

It would be very easy to abuse the ironman status by farming up rare and expensive items, then downgrading to a regular account and selling everything off for a tidy (and arguably unfair) profit.


Sorry for the addition here, but players with ironman accounts should know what they were giving up (an easy experience) when making their account.

If you have an ironman, show some pride in choosing to play the more difficult version game. 


Sleep easy at night knowing that top-tier gear setup was earned and not bought.



Just a few additional thoughts on the matter.

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Additional thoughts that don't warrant another reply.

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Sorry to say that but im following@PDXChar on that one.

You make the choice of being an iron Man so you need to play with that choice!

That Being said , continue to create those type of post , its helpful fir the server to know everyone opinion 

Good Day,


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