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Abyssal Sire, NEW items & More!

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  1. Extended the client's draw distance.
  2. Extended the time out (Few players used to get constant dc's).
  3. You can now enchant Onyx bracelet.
  4. You can now only leave construction using the exit portal.
  5. Fixed Ruby (e) special (Used to hit too high and too often).
  6. Added a ::resetpin command for staff.
  7. Magic skillcape can now be used to switch spellbook.
  8. Fixed a dupe with Amulet of glory.
  9. Added Abyssal Sire boss.

    Abyssal Sire.png 

  10. Added Tome of fire (Obtainable from Abyssal Sire).
  11. Added Elder chaos robe (Obtainable from Abyssal Sire).
  12. Added Dagon hai & Recolored sets:
    unknown.png     unknown.png
  13. You can now pickup items straight into the looting bag whilst having it open.
  14. NEW versions of Twisted bow & Scythe of Vitur:
  15. Recolored versions Twisted bow and Scythe of Vitur are now animated upon wielding.
  16. Fixed the Crystal key drop locations for npcs like Great Olm hand.
  17. Fixed Achievement mode buttons.
  18. The PK bots in the wilderness now have a chance to fight each other when idle.



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This server is simply priceless. If any of you guys want to invest in it, well it is time. I swear, in about three or four years this sever will be as full of players as some of the best servers out there!

Steven you're only 21 years old and you are making progress man! Don't know about the others, but I swear some of you guys are working hard!
It's not about money, but about progress!

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