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>>> Construction Guide <<<

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Welcome in my Construction Skill Guide !


Firstly, you will need to buy a new home by speaking to Estate Agent, who's located at the left of house portal.

He will charge you a fee of 10M.



Once you've bought your home, buy about two inventory of plank, 1,500 mahogany plank, a Saw, a Hammer and 200 Steel nails at Estate Agent's shop


You will start by taking from your bank, a Saw, a Hammer, 200 Steel Nails, 6,000gp and normal plank. Time to get into your house in building mode and start leveling !

Start by clicking on the "Phantom door" and buy a parlour for 1,000gp !

Once this this done, build chairs and destroy them until you reach Level 52 construction.


Now that you are Level 52, you will build a Dining Room for 5,000gp !

Time to start doing Mahogany table ( Level 52 ) until 99 !

Mahogany table is the fastest way to 99, it will cost you 6 mahogany plank for a table and you will get 42,000 EXP per table crafted.



Congratulations ! You are now Level 99 Construction !


Now you can craft a beautiful Altar room, and invite your friends to use it for prayer exp !






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Nice guide.

The only thing that's not right is the amount of planks and nails you need to buy. It took me 4 runs to get to 52, so let's say you'll need atleast 4 inventories of planks instead of 2. And you will only need around 80 nails. I've only used 80 at least.

This could be different when construction is the bonus skill though


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Thanks H Y P E R . Starting tonight to the road of 99 construction 😇 

I Will folow your guide and i will take a count of how many plank and time it took me for 99 😎

Thanks ,


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