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>>> Hunter Guide <<<

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Welcome in my Hunter skill guide

Everything will start in your Skilling Teleport, which is located in Magic Spellbook.

Make sure you bring coins to buy a Butterfly Net and Impling Jar.




Once opened, you should see a Skilling Teleport Tab, simply click on Hunter



As I previously said, With your coins buy a Butterfly net and atleast 1,000 Impling Jars by opening Elnock Inquisitor's Hunter shop.







Once you are ready, Take a full inventory of Impling Jars and wear your Butterfly Net ( Wearable in weapon slot ) and let's go back to the Hunter zone !

You will hunt Implings in that order, which I added the experience they give, per catch.

Level 1 to Level 22 - Baby Impling   1,250 EXP

Level 22 to Level 28 - Young Impling  3,250 EXP

Level 28 to Level 36 - Gourmet Impling  5,650 EXP

Level 36 to Level 42 - Earth Impling  8,850 EXP

Level 42 to Level 50 - Essence Impling  12,750 EXP

Level 50 to Level 58 - Eclectic Impling  14,450 EXP

Level 58 to Level 65 - Nature Impling   17,650 EXP

Level 65 to Level 74 - Magpie Impling  20,450 EXP

Level 74 to Level 85 - Ninja Impling  24,050 EXP

Level 85 to Level 99 - Dragon Impling  27,650 EXP


You will have to run across the maze, you can push-through the Magical wheat to move quicker without doing the maze, always remember the color of the impling you are hunting, so you can spot them far and run to them. 


Congratulations ! You are level 99 Hunter

You can open Dragon Impling jars, you will get resources on the road to 99 fletching ( Dragon Arrow tip and Dragon Dart tip )






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